• Optris PI640i 2X 顯微鏡紅外線熱影像儀

  • ITECH IT6000PV太陽能陣列模擬器

  • Fluke 87V MAX 真有效值數位萬用表

  • Fluke 88V 汽車數位萬用表

  • Fluke iSee™ 手機型熱影像鏡頭 /手機熱像儀 - TC01A/TC01B

  • ITECH IT-N2100系列太陽能陣列模擬器

  • Fluke Ti480U Ti401U Ti400U Ti300U 紅外線熱影像儀

  • ITECH IT2800系列 高精密電源量測設備(SMU)

  • ITECH IT7600系列 高性能可編程交流電源供應器

  • FLUKE 8846A 六位半桌上型數位電表

  • Optris PI 08M 固定式紅外線熱影像儀適用於雷射加工溫度測量

  • Fluke 1535/1537 2500V 絕緣電阻測試儀

  • ITECH IT-M7700系列 高性能可編程交流電源供應器

  • ITECH IT7800系列 大功率可編程交流電源供應器

  • ITECH IT7900系列 交流電源供應器(回饋式電網模擬器)


Anything they can do, we can do better!

Picotest specializes in high-tech precision electronic instruments and test equipment. Our goal is to utilize our strong R&D capability and commitment to the highest quality standard in order to provide our customers with the best test products and services.

Picotest.com is a distributor of Picotest Corp. products and services in the U.S.A.
Products may be purchased directly on our web site, Picotest.com.

Founded in 2004, Picotest Corp. specializes in developing and manufacturing high-tech precision electronic instruments and related equipment. Picotest Corp is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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